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Four Countries To Choose From:

                                     Pass mark
67 points
120 points
 New Zealand.             
29 points

 United Kingdom          65 points

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Mission Statement:
Career Concerns exists to enhance the existing level of Immigration and Career Counseling services provided in Pakistan. By providing excellent service through innovative techniques, be recognized within this industry as a leading Career Concern.

About US:
Career Concerns is a professional immigration consultancy services concern. Having the necessary skills, knowledge, experience, human resources and Infrastructure, to assist you, and make your application a success story. Operating from Islamabad and Lahore with affiliate firms in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and USA, enables us to swiftly respond to your application.

Unique & exclusive Service?
With experience we have devised a few tools and techniques that assist us when preparing cases for immigration and provide career counseling. Tools we have devised are our 22 point V & S test and OPM-6 Compliance. We offer a number of packages that will suit different types of clients from a very exclusive package to the most affordable immigration kits

benefits we offer?
      At the start:
We offer Free Assessment that gives you an accurate report on your suitability for Immigration.
Brief the benefits of Immigration to any nominated country
No haggling, no bargaining and no fooling.

      During Processing
We offer limited money back offer, if we fail.
We take up cases that we are sure we will be able to make them a success story.
Carry out 22 point V &S test and Compliance with OPM-6 on all applications of Exclusive and Premium packages, which will ensure your application is prepared in the best possible manner.
Full Backup support, ensures your application is not denied once launched

      At the End
An effortless processing, WOW!
You at your destination (Your nominated country; Australia, Canada or New Zealand)

OUR competence:
Our distinction lies in the knowledge bank we have, and our human resource capabilities which are just the kind necessary for a successful Career Concern. With experts from Engineering, Agriculture, Medicine, Computing, Business, Management and Education, make us a very responsive and capable Career Concern

OUR Innovation  
Having such vital human resources in our control, and our constant struggle to offer better service to our clients has lead to the generation of innovative ideas and techniques which of course are difficult to imitate. Thus giving us a leading edge when we prepare immigration cases and provide career counseling

Career Counseling
Students face a lot of difficulties in choosing the right field for future careers. At Career Concerns we carefully establish the interests of the candidate, suggesting best fields and most rewarding fields to take up. We also assist students to gain admission in educational Institutions abroad.

Umrah and Hajj
We thank Allah for giving us the opportunity to serve our Muslim brothers and sister on their way for Umrah and Hajj. We request every one to participate to enhance the quality of services rendered to the pilgrims going for Hajj and Umrah. Please call us to register your site as resource for Hajj and Umrah

Our Contacts

You can contact us in one of the following ways.

  1. Email: Sending an email click the enquires links given on the left.

  2. Courier of Postal Mail:

  3. Walk in to our Islamabad or Lahore Centers address is can be obtained by clicking the contact us link for a FREE ASSESSMENT.